About Us

Wadsworth Girls Youth Lacrosse Association is a not-for-profit, volunteer run, community-based sports organization.


It is the mission of WGYLA to cultivate lifelong fans and enthusiastic supporters of the sport of lacrosse.

Engaged youth players and members become fans, coaches, referees, supporters, and parents who encourage and support the next generation of lacrosse players.


  • Integrity - conducting ourselves with integrity. Playing by the rules, showing respect for teammates, opponents, and officials. Lead and collaborate with others.
  • Determination - performance and results eventually come but being someone determined to do the necessary work will succeed. Making the connection between effort and reward is a critical life skill.
  • Resiliency - adapt to adversity, learn from mistakes, and recover quickly. Own it and move on. Players who develop resiliency as a daily character trait see failure as an opportunity, are better able to regulate emotion, and are prepared for the ups and downs of life. Sports can help young people learn important life lessons like how to work hard, persevere, be a team player, set goals, and follow rules.


  • Encourage players and supporters to love the game of lacrosse and lead an active lifestyle
  • Teach the game of lacrosse in a manner that enables every player to achieve their desired skill level
  • Teach integrity, determination and resiliency through sports
  • Instill a competitive spirit in every player. Winning matters and learning to win with honor and lose with grace is necessary
  • Create positive relationships with players, parents, and community partnerships


  • Consistent, sustainable, high quality, high value programs 
  • Allow coaches to focus on players, team, and game
  • A member driven and responsive culture of enthusiasm, positivity, hard work, and fun
  • Maximum playing time philosophy
  • A high number of experienced players is a team's best asset
  • Experience only comes with time on the field
  • Provide opportunities to grow in variety of positions and situations
  • Be flexible and accept that somethings are out of our control

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