Headgear FAQ

Why does Wadsworth Girls Youth Lacrosse require their players to have ASTM F3137 standard headgear when most of the teams we play do not and when USA Lacrosse Rules state headgear is optional? 

Player safety is our top priority and the debate of headgear or no headgear has been ongoing since 2010. However, the most recent research continues to support the use of headgear to reduce rates of concussions. 

This research was funded by USA Lacrosse and National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment.

The research team reported a 59 percent greater incidence of concussion in players not wearing headgear specifically designed for women’s lacrosse. This value increased to 74 percent when only considering concussion incidence during games, but was lower (42 percent) when solely focused on practices. 

Don't players who wear headgear tend to play more aggressively?

“Collectively, these findings provide preliminary evidence that wearing lacrosse headgear meeting the ASTM F3137 performance standard does not appreciably change game-play behaviors, while it does reduce the magnitude of head accelerations associated with body impacts sustained during high school girls’ lacrosse.”

Headgear is very expensive. Can I receive assistance?

Our mission is to promote the sport of lacrosse. We would never want our requirements for headgear to prevent girls from playing the sport. Please contact us at wadsworthgirlslax@yahoo.com if your player needs assistance obtaining headgear. Additionally, we recommend looking on FB marketplace and Play It Again Sports for used equipment. As long as the ASTM headgear standard does not change, you should not need to purchase more than one helmet for a girls lacrosse career grades 3-12. 

Where can I do my own research on the topic of headgear?

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