Spring Season

Thank you for your interest in our program.


Wadsworth Girls Youth Lacrosse is for girls in grades 3rd through 8th.


Our season schedule at a high level each year:


Indoor Practice: end of February - Spring Break

Outdoor Practice: After Spring break - end of May

Games: End of March - end of May

Tournaments: 2-4 per season on weekends

Season ends last week of May

Practice Location

3rd-6th grade:

Indoor: Valley View Elementary School

Outdoor: Northside Christian Church, Radian Life Christian Church or HS track field

7th-8th grade:

Indoor: MS gym

Outdoor: HS Track field


Teams practice 2 times per week for 1-1.5 hrs per day


Teams will play 1-3 games per week. We try not to schedule more than 2 games per week but with any outdoor Spring sport in Ohio, weather related reschedules are inevitable.

Games are played at Bird Street Park or the HS track field. See Resource tab for directions.


Uniforms are provided by the program.

We are in need of updating our program uniforms. If you or your business is interested in assisting with this need, please reach out at wadsworthgirlslax@yahoo.com

Extra Costs

A USA Lacrosse Membership is required to participate in our program for insurance and liability reasons. This is required during the registration process and is $30 per year


Each player is required to have a stick, helmet and mouth guard. Play It Again Sports and Facebook Marketplace are great places to find used equipment.

We never want a lack of equipment to keep a player from participating. If you need assistance obtaining equipment please contact us at wadsworthgirlslax@yahoo.com


2023 registration is closed  

Info: Indoor Practice starts 2/27/23

Outdoor Practice-after Spring Break

Details: Practice 2-4 nights per week depending on level; Games run end of March-end of May

Regular Prices:

3/4 $175

5/6, 7/8 $190

Early Bird  through 11/26/22

Promo Code: STICKSUP23

3/4 $150

5/6, 7/8 $165

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